We are a team of skilled technology consultants working at the SICS offices in Florence Alabama and Montgomery Alabama.

Founded in 1998, SICS has over 15 years of experience providing full service IT solutions for businesses, large and small, and government agencies, with expertise in GIS, mapping, photogrammetry & remote sensing, and web technologies.

GIS Development Expertise:

  • Aerial Imagery Processing & Photogrammetry
  • Google Maps Engine, Google Maps for Business
  • Google Earth, Maps API, Custom StreetView
  • Google Earth Enterprise Server
  • OpenLayers, OpenStreetMap
  • ESRI ArcGIS Server, Desktop

We create innovative solutions for our clients in the private and public sectors.

Our team engages projects with a variety of skills, from project management and marketing to GIS analysis, remote sensing, aerial imagery processing, photogrammetry, and mapping, web application development, mobile development, server software engineering, database systems design, Windows applications and services, Linux systems administration and services, etc.


nSide™ offers the world’s first fully collaborative, ‘building interior’ and campus visualization solution. With nSide™, all responsible parties throughout an organization can look ‘inside’ every building and actually see what exists ‘inside’.

More Information

At the request of the Governor, AL DHS began exploring and identifying ways to leverage existing state asset imagery and infrastructure data into a visualization tool that is affordable, scalable, maintainable, and capable of employing the power of existing and evolving internet based applications. As a result, the Virtual Alabama program was created.

Virtual Alabama uses a 3D globe interface to retrieve images from a merged global imagery dataset. This dataset transforms massive amounts of data into useful information for technical and non-technical users. As an example, Virtual Alabama provides the common operating picture and situational awareness needed by Alabama’s first responders to protect lives and safeguard citizens before, during, and after a disaster. Virtual Alabama serves a wide user base of state and local officials at various levels of technological proficiency.

The Virtual Alabama School Safety System (VAS3) provides a secure web-based system where local schools, school systems and the Alabama Department of Education can maintain and access information that may both save critical time during emergency situations, and provide ease of use for planning and information management. This information includes important points of contact within a school (e.g. Principals, maintenance staff, etc.) as well as external points of contact, such as local law enforcement, utilities, and medical facilities. Additionally, the system provides tools for developing, maintaining and searching annotated floor plans of schools, thus making it quick and easy for emergency response personnel to locate critical infrastructure features. A document management capability allows schools to maintain and make available emergency plans, procedures and check lists.

VAS provides an access-controlled, centralized system to manage this information and is able to make it available on an as-needed basis to administrators and emergency response personnel. Hierarchical levels of access are provided for schools, school systems and the Alabama Department of Education with visibility into subordinate institutions.

The Virtual Alabama Critical Infrastructure Program (VACI) was created to extend the benefits of the Virtual Alabama School Safety System beyond the public school system, to include Community Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Courthouses, and other public buildings.

The Policymaker’s Dashboard leverages the power of mapping within Virtual Alabama to provide specific demographic and criminal justice information related to the districts of Alabama's elected officials. The website provides easy to understand data about the population within a district and, currently, the violent crime that has occurred there for the past several years. The goal is to continually update the site with new types of relevant and interesting Alabama data to ultimately assist our elected officials with making better informed decisions, as well as giving insight into our communities for our citizens.

As the State Reapportionment Office began working on new plans for the redistricting of the State Legislature, this project was completed to offer ability to view the current legislative districts and compare them with potential plans under consideration by the legislature, with side-by-side comparisons of geography and demographics.